Ordering from YORKCakes

Right at the start, you should contact YORKCakes to let us know:

  • What date you need your cake(s) for.
  • Your basic idea.
  • How many servings you need from the cake.
  • Where you want the cake delivered (and/or setup).

We'd love to discuss your needs in person, on the phone or by email. You can also complete the creative brief and send it to us by email. Tasting sessions are available for your cake(s) and are strongly recommended for wedding cakes and larger orders.

Notice Required

  • Most celebration cakes & cupcakes - three weeks notice*
  • Larger or more detailed cakes - one month's notice*
  • Wedding cakes - ideally, six months notice* (anything up to a year is usual)

*If you need your cake sooner than these notice periods allow, we often consider late orders and may have space so please do still get in touch.

If your cake includes decorations which need to be made in advance (including sugar flowers), we'll need additional notice as these can take several weeks to make. We do get booked up fairly quickly but we'll always try and create the space to fit your cake in if we can!


At YORKCakes, delivery and set-up are included in the price of your cake. There are no hidden costs and no last minute extras to pay. We do insist on setting up wedding cakes, larger celebration cakes and cupcake displays for you.

This way you have the peace of mind that your cake(s) are in safe hands until you actually need them! As setting-up is also included in the price of your cake, you may as well take advantage of it! Simply let us know where you want the cake to be delivered to (and/or set-up) when you first order.


With YORKCakes, each cake is unique so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and, once we've considered your requirements, we'll be happy to provide you with a price. Alternatively, simply complete the creative brief as this helps us to be able to price your cake/cakes much more accurately.


Once we've discussed and agreed a price, we require a deposit from you to secure your booking and the date (please note this is non-refundable). The balance is due two weeks before delivery (three weeks in the case of wedding cakes and larger celebration cakes).

You can make payments to YORKCakes in a variety of ways: Our preferred method is via internet banking where you can send a payment directly to the YORKCakes account (we will provide you with the bank details).

You can also pay with a cheque payable to YORKCakes. If you wish to pay by credit card, this can be done through PayPal. Please note that PayPal make a charge and this amount will be added to your invoice.